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Chocobo Gallery Update by Reinhold-Hoffmann
Dig Dug by The-Driz
Frontpage Update Number 667 by Reinhold-Hoffmann
SF Tribute Progress by Reinhold-Hoffmann
Game Art from 2017
2B by YunaXD
Revelation by akizhao
Robot Masters by KnightOfGames
PUBG by GGGdemon
Our Art Collaborations Community Stuff
Nintendo 64 Tribute Progress Screenshot #2 by Reinhold-Hoffmann
Thank you Kotaku by Reinhold-Hoffmann
Big in Japan! by Reinhold-Hoffmann
LB  and on Destructoid by Reinhold-Hoffmann
The Game-Art-HQ Community Project
Valkyrie Profile by drastic77
Raziel, Redeemer and Destroyer by Jadenyte
Jungle Ruins by JhoCorrea
Lucky Chloe by Leirix
Game Art from 2016
the witcher by H-i-ll
Nami, the tidecaller. League of Legends Fan Art. by AdrianWolve
Genji by RikaMello
KOF K Dash by yipzhang5201314
Game Art from 2014-2015
Actraiser by knsl
U-Mos by Cryophase
Eeeveelutions by GreyRadian
Gangstar Mario by Azaggon
Game Art made in 2013
Ordinary Day in Prehistoric Waters by rajewel
Alisa Bosconovitch by aLDoDarK
Gentlemen of Darkstalkers by ElectricDawgy
marvel vs capcom by TraiN8
Game Art made in 2012 and before
Furinkazan by NIW
Final Smash! by UNIesque
Street Fighter/ Final Fight Cody Smudge by Justawesome6
Smash Brothers Poster - Nintendo Force magazine by Thormeister
GA-HQ Art Challenge
Let's Go Back by mortalshinobi
Bubble Bobble by xaby83
Descent - 4 GA-HQ April 2017 Art Contest Challenge by Unreal-Forever
Xenogears Fight Scene (Art Challenge) by EdgeKagami
Current GAHQ Art Collaboration Submissions
RASH by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad
Ada Wong No Bg by ZandaFr
RE: Albert Wesker by AndromedaDualitas
Orochi Iori by ZandaFr
Past GAHQ Art Projects
Lanturn by 13alrog
Featured on Game Art HQ Com
Gaige by Hozure
GA-HQ Contest Winners
Autumn Gaming by Efraimrdz
Past Contests
Square Enix vs Shounen Jump  -  The GA-HQ Comp by Unfallen-Skies
Per Gran
Sinking Palace by Orioto
Commissioned Game Art
Heracross Used Close Combat! by KayVeeDee
Game Characters
Yveltal by Xous54
Twilight Princess-Midna by HeavyMetalHanzo
Recent VG Art 2017

Game-Art-HQ About / Rules / How to become a member

Game-Art-HQ is mainly an Invite-Only DeviantART Community.
We are looking through video game related art every week(end) and are inviting artists if we think they are fitting as members of this group and might care about it.

We are one of the most active video game related art communites here and create art collaborations since 2011. Some of our projects like the Legend of Zelda Bestiary "Link's Blacklist" that are hosted on our site were featured by popular websites like Kotaku, Destructoid, Dualshockers, Game-Informer and many more.

Beside Art Collaborations we are also organizing art contests and challenges almost every month.

If you think this group is something for you but you did not get an invite, you can participate in one of our current art activities still, which usually results with an inviation for you.

Unlike many of the other dA groups, GA-HQ is not just an recycle bin for random submissions, we care about this group and all of its members.

Game-Art-HQ is a Video Game Art Community founded in 2011. It is this dA Group and where our art collaborations are hosted and where you can see a growing Video game Character Database

Our art collaborations like Link's Blacklist and others were featured on many popular websites like Destructoid, Eventhubs, Game Informer, Kotaku and many more.

In this group on dA you can see recent submissions as well as selected and requested video game fan arts in the Featured Folder. We are also holding 1-3 Art Contests per year. Prizes are funded through ad revenue on tour Website as well as through Community Members that donated to the cause through Patreon.

To read more about our current art collaborations and contests, visit:

GAHQ is a project to support Game related Art and show the world a beautiful part of Video Game History and Culture, illustrated by dedicated artists, gamers, people..however you want to name them.

Rules and Guidelines for submitting art to :icongame-art-hq:

No Nudity and Fetish Stuff is allowed

Only Videogame Art gets accepted here. This means, your submissions need to be related to a game clearly. A Batman fan art based on Ben Affleck as example has nothing to do with something like Batman: Arkham Knight.

High standards. Standards are not easy to describe when it comes to art. The best way to see what we consider great enough for this group is to have a look at the artworks in our Featured folder. Submissions with characters on a white background have rarely a chance, we look for fully colored art including backgrounds.

Around 10 Art Judges are looking up the submissions, submisions are getting accepted if at least 4 of the art judges accepted them.

Redesigns are welcome, OC's however not since this group is all about offficial game characters.

We don't accept submissions that were made for the game related art contests hosted by deviantART and sponsored by the game companies.



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MisterPain Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Professional Digital Artist
sorry, clicked on "decline" to your invitation to group by mistake, i was browsing with images disabled on browser :(
can you resend invitation? thanks :)
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner 1 hour ago
AndromedaDualitas Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for inviting me! I'm really honored, and I hope I don't disappoint! :)
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017
Well we have an inktober challenge ongoing and also an art collaboration about our video game character db on our website, maybe one of these art activities might be interesting for you to join:

The Game-Art-HQ Inktober Challenge!Time for the first Ink-tober Art Challenge in our Group!
Last month you could choose between 3 ideas, the second option  - Use a screenshot of a game and try to re-draw it with ink  - won and here are the detailed rules now:
1.First of all, this is not a every day challenge. You have to submit only one deviation for it
2. Deadline is Halloween, 12 PM GMT+1 , you don't have to submit it directly to the group, just share the thumb or a link via a comment in this journal
3. Relative loose rules regarding the tools.
You don't have to use real ink and paper for our challenge, important is that you take a real screenshot of a game however and either really use ink and paper for the challenge or try to emulate the look of ink as good as you can via digital tools.
Every game counts, every type of a screenshot counts as well.
I recommend to share a link to the screenshot in your description so that all viewers can see what you did, how you did it and to see how accurate your ink theme
Lets upgrade the GA-HQ DB! (Updated 03.10)

We are looking for full body illustrations  without a bg of the following quite popular game characters just like the  ones you can see above. The illustrations are featured & credited in the specific game character art galleries on they also be seen in the right sidebar (Am using a random selector there, clicking on the small image of the character leads to the gallery of them.
In the best case the images are in a square format, they should be at least 800 pixels tall or bigger, signatures are totally okay
Available right now are:
Albert Wesker (Resident Evil)
A.B.A (Guilty Gear)
Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2 or 4)
Aurora from Child of Light
Ayame (Tenchu: Stealth Assassins)
Baek Doo San (Tekken 5-TTT2(Old Man Baek)
Baraka (Mortal Kombat)
Baiken (Guilty Gear)
Bass Armstrong (Dead or Alive)
Bao (King of F
Goomuin Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why was my drawing declined? 
TheUltione Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Usually it's declined based on quality; you can find our general quality guidelines on the front page

If you want, we can also give you a critique. Just ask :)
Goomuin Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How can it be declined based on quality when my previous works got accepted just fine and are of much poorer quality by my current standards?? Even the DA staff already featured this on Twitter and put it in a "best of" folder for the Fan Art Mashup, so I have no clue how bad the quality can be...

Also, not gonna lie, but having "The art judges didn't like it" as reason for decline is ridiculous

TheUltione Featured By Owner Edited Oct 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dunno, I haven't been on the team long enough to see these previous works of yours
Worth noting that different judges have different standards too, ya know. We have 10 judges here.
To be fair, I think reinholt just means the judges didn't think it was up to standards (but saying "your art isn't good enough" is a little awkward)
(1 Reply)
Reinhold-Hoffmann Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017
3 of our art judges didnt like it, I myself stayed neutral
Goomuin Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Uh, wow, okay, that's a weird reason to decline somethng
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