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Game ART HQ Network

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Current Game Art HQ Contests and Art Activities

Art Contests
GA-HQ Contest - ENDED!
The contest ends on Friday (8th November) night 12 PM
Screenshot like self drawn illustrations like the ones above are the topic of this new Game-Art-HQ art contest
Due to other projects like Link's Blacklist being ongoing now and artists being working on it or the Final Fantasy tribute,  this contest starts right now and endures till wednesday the 6th November  
Recreating a screenshot with the own artstyle as seen in the megaman fanarts by Pertheseus  and the Street Fighter III one above is something complicated and needs time and creativity, i guess that not only the results can be some great looking and unusual illustrations of video games, but also be a true challenge for participating artists.

rules: 1 entry per artist, no strong violence, no nudity, no fetish stuff, its up to you what kind of a screenshot you use as reference and also which game is totally your choice.  If

Art Activities
Link's Blacklist
An ongoing Art Project about the enemies and bosses of the Legend of Zelda series.
Currently in "Round III"I Round 1-3 can be seen here:…
Currently around 160 enemies are drawn for this project, round 4 will start in Februar 2014 with the goal to raise the number to over 200.

Final Fantasy "Those Who Fight Further"
An art collaboration by Final Fantasy fans about the protagonists of the games…
This project has seen two rounds now, and will continue in summer 2014.

The 20th Anniversary of the Playstation which was released back in December 1994 in Japan.
The target is to get around 50-100 different PSX games illustrated ranging from Ridge Racer and Crash Bandicoot to Persona, Chrono Cross or Spyro the Dragon.

What is Game Art HQ?
Game-Art-HQ is a Mix of a website for galleries and articles which are featuring artists and their game related fan art. The galleries are sorted by games and game characters. There are also interviews with artists , be they hobbyists or professional, drawing, rendering, photographers or cosplayers.

Forum,… (22.02.2013) the main communication is done here in this dA group though.

The other part of Game Art HQ is this group where art contests and art activities like tribute projects are organized. Every couple of months art contests are hold here, sometimes they are about fun and a specific game or game series, sometimes they are about a specific kind of art or an art style instead.

A relative unique highlight of Game Art HQ are the art projects we organized here.
From art tributes for anniversarys like the 20th Anniversary of the Kirby series or the 25th Anniversaries of Mega Man, Street Fighter and Final Fantasy in 2012 to "Link's Blacklist" a project about the many enemies and bosses of the Legend of Zelda games.

These art projects are also a feature of Game Art additionally to the art, games and game characters are described there with screenshots, official art and of course descriptions in textform. Often they are accompanies with small interviews with the artists or their own descriptions of the images.

Game Art HQ was founded in June 2011 by Reinhold Hoffmann who is no artist and no webdesigner, but a guy with a lot ideas and a gamer since 1988. Like everyone he gains more and more experience and so the site as well as this group got bigger and better with the time. Currently (December 2012) is getting around 2300 unique visitors per day. The first big art tribute, the Mortal Kombat tribute by 80 artists was seen by over 100000 visitors.

Articles about Projects like Link's Blacklist, and the Anniversary Tributes were published on websites like Kotaku, N4G,, Eventhubs and a ton of Game Series related websites like Zeldadungeon or CavesOfNarshe.

GAHQ is a project to support Game related Art and show the world a beautiful part of Video Game History and Culture, illustrated by dedicated artists, gamers, people..however you want to name them.
On Thursday this week, the 25th September the next big Art Collaboration, Mario's Blacklist will be published online and features exactly 50 different enemies and boss characters from the Super Mario bros series.

Similar to Link's Blacklist before, this project will continue and will see one new part/round next year with the target to rise the number of different characters to 100.

Link's Blacklist will also continue, but instead of two rounds it will get only one as well. The 2nd Legend of Zelda Project, Link's Friendlist will also continue in November when our current Art Contest is finished and the deadlines for the Playstation and Tekken Anniversary Art Tributes ended as well.

My idea would be to end Link's Friendlist in February, to start the next Link's Blacklist round in March and to do the next Mario's Blacklist between June and August again.

That means we can do 2 more art collaborations and instead of tributing another 20 or 25 old game series I would love to organize something related to a specific genre or character design.

Something like a project about Bosses in 16 bit games or bosses in general as example or a tribute to arcade shooters ranging from the very old Gradius, Parodius, Raiden games up to those bullet hell games from today. I would also really love to get an ongoing game-art-hq group project started which would run for the whle year and basically never end. Themes of it could be to draw a video game OR a video game character which is rarely getting any fan art, a rule could be that every game or character is only allowed to be one time in such a project.

Would love to hear your ideas about art collaborations for 2015!

ps: I can still use help for the Playstation Tribute, there are a couple of great games left which were not claimed by nayone for this project yet. Playstation Tribute relatedHeya everyone,
we have that art collaboration / tribute for the 20th Anniversary of the first Playstation console, the PSX in the first December week ongoing and a lot awesome games like Castlevania SOTN, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy 7 8 9, Crash Team Racing and Spyro and many more were claimed by artists of the group but a few quite important games did not meet any interest so far...hope this might change with this journal!
The following games are sadly not yet claimed but are great and should be part of our PSX Tribute:

Twisted Metal
Battle Arena Toshinden
Jumping Flash
Crash Bandicoot - Claimed now!
Die Hard Trilogy
Wild Arms
Street Fighter EX - Claimed now!
Gran Turismo
Gex 3D
Rival Schools
Ape Escape - Claimed now!
Anyone interested to jump on board and claim one of these games?

The target is to illustrate the games itself and not just one character of it, the artworks will be featured as part of the PSX Tribute gallery in december on http:/

Greets everyone and thanks for reading.

ps, Game-Art-HQ has a tumblr now! follow it to see reblogged works by ga-hq members, posts about featured art on and also some posts about gaming news
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Currently only invited deviants can join this group?

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