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Game-Art-HQ Group Description & Current Art Activities:

Game-Art-HQ is a Video Game Art Community with four main targets:

1. Creating Art for Video Games

2. Offer multiple motivations and reasons for group members to create video game related art of all kinds and attempt to make it both a challenge for them to use video game fan art as a way to improve their talents and use their own creativity to create something great.

3. Giving a spotlight to video game characters and games that are not among the usually drawn ones.

4. Feature the Artists and their works and make video game fan art something more popular and respected.

We try to reach these four targets through art activities here in the group that are art collaborations, challenges or contests that are mainly not about the most popular video games. Art for not so known games is totally supported. Video Game Fan Art is featured here in the Group as well as on our Website .

Game-Art-HQ is an invite-only group.

Current Game Art HQ Contests and Art Activities:
Art Contests
The GA-HQ CROSSOVER Art Contest 2015 - Win $50!Finally the time has come for our yearly art contest, the theme and challenge this year are selected crossover ideas.
Below you can find a list of crossover ideas and you can pick up one of them. Its always with at least one video game character, game or series included versus another one, or in some cases also non videogame characters.
You don't have to mention that you participate or which idea you are picking.
There will be two winners this time, each of them can win $50. The winners are picked through 10 Game-Art-HQ members that act as the jury.
Rules are only to pick one of the ideas below and to draw them without nudity.
The deadline is Sunday the 3rd January 2016.
You can submit them to the regular submission folder here but you have to mention it in the description that it was made for the GA-HQ Crossover Art Contest, in the best case you also mention that in the title already.

If you have any other questions, just ask via comment.
Good luck in the contest, may this be

Art Activities

Link's Blacklist
Our ongoing Art Project about the enemies and bosses of the Legend of Zelda series.
It can be seen here:…
Currently around 200 enemies were illustrated for this art collaboration that started in summer 2012.

The Nintendo 64 20th Anniversary Tribute
We try to tribute the 20th Birthday of the N64 with artworks by 64 Artists that are illustrating their favourite Nintendo 64 Games ranging to Conker, Mario, Star Wing and many more
Nintendo 64 Art Tribute! ( Only 3 spots left)Our Playstation Tribute about its 20th Anniversary last year resulted in awesome illustrations of over 40 games, and maybe its the right time now to start our second Art Collaboration about the 20th Anniversary of a game console.  Websites like Kotaku or Game Informer wrote about our PSX Project even and a ton of gamers worldwide loved how we illustrated our fond memories of games like Final Fantasy IX, Tekken or Crash Bandicoot.
Lets give the Nintendo 64 and its games the honors it deserves for great games like Mario 64, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Conkers Bad Fur Day and so many more.

Only 64 Artists can join this Art Collaboration.
Up to FOUR artists can claim the same game this time snce there are not as many N64 games as Playstation ones.
Everyone of you can claim up to THREE Nintendo 64 games, but one after another, means you can claim a 2nd game after you submitted the illustration of the first game you picked.

The Nintendo 64 is 20th Years old on the 23rd June 2015,

What is Game Art HQ?
Game-Art-HQ is a Mix of a website for galleries and articles which are featuring artists and their game related fan art. The galleries are sorted by games and game characters. There are also interviews with artists , be they hobbyists or professional, drawing, rendering, photographers or cosplayers.

Forum,… (22.02.2013) the main communication is done here in this dA group though.

The other part of Game Art HQ is this group where art contests and art activities like tribute projects are organized. Every couple of months art contests are hold here, sometimes they are about fun and a specific game or game series, sometimes they are about a specific kind of art or an art style instead.

A relative unique highlight of Game Art HQ are the art projects we organized here.
From art tributes for anniversarys like the 20th Anniversary of the Kirby series or the 25th Anniversaries of Mega Man, Street Fighter and Final Fantasy in 2012 to "Link's Blacklist" a project about the many enemies and bosses of the Legend of Zelda games.

These art projects are also a feature of Game Art additionally to the art, games and game characters are described there with screenshots, official art and of course descriptions in textform. Often they are accompanies with small interviews with the artists or their own descriptions of the images.

Game Art HQ was founded in June 2011 by Reinhold Hoffmann who is no artist and no webdesigner, but a guy with a lot ideas and a gamer since 1988. Like everyone he gains more and more experience and so the site as well as this group got bigger and better with the time. Currently (December 2012) is getting around 2300 unique visitors per day. The first big art tribute, the Mortal Kombat tribute by 80 artists was seen by over 100000 visitors.

Articles about Projects like Link's Blacklist, and the Anniversary Tributes were published on websites like Kotaku, N4G,, Eventhubs and a ton of Game Series related websites like Zeldadungeon or CavesOfNarshe.

GAHQ is a project to support Game related Art and show the world a beautiful part of Video Game History and Culture, illustrated by dedicated artists, gamers, people..however you want to name them.


Hi, group. No intro this time, let's jump right to it!

Tea time by sagasketchbook

Artist: sagasketchbook

I really liked the juxtaposition of Garrett sitting precariously on a ledge.. and having tea. X) The piece also has a stunning composition with the entire scene painted in dark colours except for the spots of colour provided by the fruit; another neat juxtaposition. The rain is also beautifully rendered and dripping off the spires rather realistically.

Undyne by leda456

Artist: leda456

I was totally impressed at how realistically the artist managed to draw Undyne, especially given the fact that the artist interpreted this design from an 8-bit sprite. She definitely looks pretty fish-like, particularly with the texture on her skin. And when I zoomed in, the eye really struck with how beautifully drawn it was (and shiny!).

capcom art by DXSinfinite

Artist: DXSinfinite

Capcom fighting game tributes are always my favourite; I always stare in awe at how the artists manage to cram all those characters into one page, and this one is no exception. Everyone's position within the composition and their selection of pose seems really well thought-out; my favourites will have to be.. poison standing rather confidently near the centre and Hayato in the lower right corner (his face cracks me up xD)

The Berserker by wacalac

Artist: wacalac

This is just an awe-inspiring piece; I love the stance that the artist chose for the barbarian as it really makes him seem powerful and imposing. The turbulent background really adds to that, but I also really like the snow near his feet for.. some reason.

Mai Shiranui by zoeragez

Artist: zoeragez

My last pick is this beautifully drawn monochrome piece of Mai Shiranui. I actually thought this was a pencil drawing at first; the shading resembles that of pencil graphite, which I find even more impressive that the artist mimicked it using a digital program. The shadows look outstanding, and her hair was particularly well-shaded to me.

Hope you enjoyed the feature this time too,
~Co-Admin Ulti
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